Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sayang.. WHy are we like this?

Mood for yesterday : Depressed, stress and agony..
status : single but sufferin becoming his..
ppl i msg : haziq, ibu, ayah, ieyra, fara, mona, sherine, add.
ppl i call : none.
received call : ibu, haziq.

study ok je..
no class from 10.30 till 4.00.
so, since i didnt brin laptop, so i just sleep..

balek je trus tido..
from 8.30pm until 11.00 am today..

gaduh gile2 dgn haziq..
he at terenganu.d
bein dunno wut at askar punya benda..
lantak him r..
i dunno r wut will happen.
i just slept.

finish watchin made of hnor..
n sleepy.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Understanding vs Abandoned.

mood for yesterday : hatred and disguse.
status : single and considerin to be available.
ppl i msg yesterday : sherine, haziq, kak sally, ibu, ieyra and fara.
ppl i call yesterday : ibu, haziq, sherine, yana, ting
received call : haziq, ayah, ting, Jaya Jusco management.

bgn2 je ckp dgn hziq..
topik percakapan : xde and random.
mood percakapan : happy and goes to sial.
i end up bein dizzy..
he just say yes, no, makin stupid animal sound and dats.
i hate talkg to him.

my beshfren..
she havin prob wit kumar..
n nasir..
dey some sort like isolate her now.
due to issue dat i talked to nasir about kumar..
how kumar treated her,
abandoned her,
misuses her..
i cant tahan already..
she my beshfren..
how cud u did dat if u love her..

happiest mment in my life this month..
feel very happy..
bein wit frens..
hundred of girl and women searchin for somethg which suits their appetite in fashion.
like me...
im happy when im managed to get 7cloth, 1 bag and 1 jeans.
so damn happy..
dun care how many miles i have to walk..
as long as i managed to get it on my hand..

roll cal..
ten pm kena sampai..
speed like hell.
n borak jap ngan warden.
ckpapsal jj card..
dia ckap dia xkan pergi kat tempat tu seumur hidup..
ur wish..
ur lost, auntie.

haziq needs to go to kuala terengganu.
he brokes his promises (again) to 3g me n see wut im buyin.
im devastated..
im sad..
i cried..
i broke down..
i terrifyin emotional decreases.
i hate when this happen..
when i already prepared to 3g him..
iron my hair, wearin da cloth i bought, arrangin da cloth i bought.
he cant make it..
in da end, i just change my cloth, soak all da cloth in water, sidai it all, and sleep.
how many more i shud be in this?
how many times more i have to deal n bare wit it..
how many times more i need to cry?
money isnt ever important to me..
its just u and ur attention..
i miss u..
i just really do.
it is so wrong for u to just be wit me?
im a girl..
who need o be pamper.
i noe.
please GOD.
make times goes faster..
so i will erase this memory off..
so dat i will start workin and be busy..
make myself occupied and stop dependent on dat selfish guy.

havin major resp difficulty in breathg around 4am..
i tot i nearly to death on dat point..
make myself sit and gaspin air like a pig..
damn, i cant be like this..
when im stress and depressed, im SOB..
i wun to be happy..
i wun to feel hapy..
please make me happy..
sent someone dat can make me happy...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hatred and rudeness

this is da story for yesterday one..
mood for yesterday : angry.
status for yesterday : single but not avalilable.
ppl i msg yesterday : ibu, ayah, ieyra, farah, pak beruang
ppl i call yesterday : pak beruang
received call : pak beruang, ibu


EYE is interestin..
buat quiz..
so sudden..
n im glad dat da college has started to have university-orientated system..
5% from da marks will be accumulate and add in da final mark..
CNS : arghhhh!!! xleh masuk lgsg..
sinaps xsampai..
neurn dh luput tarikh..
grey matter xcukup.
i just cant get it..

just realise dat i havent photostat da paper..
da question paper..
so hari ni (23/7/09) kena gi.
gi kat bkt beruang je..

balek rmh je..
jumpa roomate yg bdh.
n da bdh part is
she selamba bodoh jalan kengkang ke toilet.
padahal dat is my turn to mandi.
n i selamba je cakap bodoh n lembab.
biar r..
aku peduli apa..
i wont ckp senyap..
i will do wuteve i wun.

gaduh dgn haziq..
my pak beruang.
i really depressed dy.
i xmrh..
i cume terasa sikit je..
n he terus melenting..
i do feel a bit kecewa when he suddenly said he need to go to work.
before dat, i cried a bit because i review back da pict one by one..
n i remember every single thg dat he said in each occasion..
wut he did, da funny2 thg he said..
i want to be pampered..
i want him to story to me bout everythg..
but he didnt..
y does ths thing happen.
im not a kaki gaduh..
im not a complainer..
but i do feel kecik hati on a simple2 thng..
i noe everyone count on u..
i cud say everyone..
but who goin to pamper me?
when im in manja mood, when im needin u,
dun r go n spoilt it by tellin me u got job..
i wun u just to layn me..
is dat hard?
i dun mind n care bout ur keje..
da money u produce from it..
spend a while wit me..
dun spoilt my mood.

im swearin dat i wont eat, use, wear, or spent any of haziq's money already...
from now onwards till da end.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When History become prsent.

sekrg ni rasa mcm nk rajin update blog..
tapi, caranye ialah esknya baru shaye update utk ini hari..
ok2 x?

lets start!!

class went well.
CNS = borin n blur..
double B feeling..
duno y r this sem i kinda like lost in da ocean..
nk ckp i xminat tutor, i love her..
tapi tah...
need to kick da gear r..
E&T = nice..
da tutor has improved..
she has been from super duper suck n terrible to someone who is ok n acceptable attitude..
we even did autopsy on COW"S EYE!!
(i just noe dat cow do have eyelashes.)

i went to da spa..
to have some treatment which help rejuvenate myself..
im so tired and my body has exhausted.
g5 machine help me in shpin my body and also massage me at da same time..
oh gosh..
i even sleep there..
it is so nice...
overall, just paid less den rm60 since im quite close wit da owner itself..

went to KG VEGE wit MOn2..
ate vege chcken chop noodle and vege burger..
im thinkg to be a vege quite a long time.
but malay tradition didnt quite suit it.
quite sshkan parents..
its like my mom kena msk dua kali da same dishes.
ssh kn?
da burger is nice..
da noodle taste like plastik.
da place is AWESOME!
da workers r nice, peramah n well-groom..
i will bring haziq here, i said to myself..

I have this drug for E&T assgment which i need to pass up today.
so i just did it yesterdy for an hour..
piece of cake..
dunno y.
im quite comfortable doin it last minutes..
tp sem5 xleh keja last minute sgt r..

syaiful called..
he called.
have some talk.
then suddnly, tup!
call ended.
he said call him back usg 3g.
after roll call and fnsh up my assgmnt,
i give him a call..
he tertido2 waitg for my call.
anak jawa sepet.
his newname i gave him..
syaiful act is my ex bf.
n yeah, i already ask permission from haziq to call him.
he still gile mcm dulu..

tu je r cite ni.. dudududududududududud..
today, class will end at 4pm.
bus second trip.
early in da morng, haziq bgn lmbt..
dh lmbt nk anta nenek msk UNIVERSITI..