Friday, August 7, 2009



Letter to My Beloved Roomate...

i always talk aboutmy roomate rite?
i dunno y i cant ngam wit her..
n everybody wonderin it too for their self..
why ha kita xleh ngam dgn dia?
da answer is wit herself, babe..
she is some sort of a psycho ppl dat i dunno noe excape from da medical checkup..
havin some sort of head injury or past history disturbances..

if i ever have da chance to talk to her,
all listed below is wut i am gonna to say to her..

Wong, aku tahu ko budak baek.
kitaorg sume baek..
kitaorg tahu..
sume ada kesilapan.
sume ada kesalahan.
sume org ada buat jahat.
termasuk aku dan kau.
cuma satu aku mintak.
tolong faham diri org lain.
tolong jadi seseorang yg memahami dan menghormati.

mmg kita satu bilik.
tp kita ada ke rupa dan corak hidup macam org satu bilik?
knp kau elama ni jadi terlalu merasa diri tu bagus?
aku xth nk cakap apa utk perangai kau.
aku xth apa yg kau banggakan.
lawa?xde r sgt..
pandai? still jg xpernah ke cemerlang.
kaya? bukan nkckp apa, tp doesnt look like it.
popular?huhuhuhuhuhu.. mimpi..

niat aku tulis blog ni bkn nk apikan ko..
burukkan kau..
niat aku cuma aku nk luahkan apa yg aku rasa selama 5sem dgn kau..
aku nk kau tahu perasaan org yg ddk lama dgn kau.
dgn da real wong.
aku nk kau understand da situation sebenarnya..
tanpa tahu benda ni dari orang lain and especially dari seorang penipu.

masa sem 1, kita ok.
mmg kau r yg paleng rapat dgn aku,
tp benda jadi keroh since peristiwa aku xbalek.
aku xth r ko rindu kat aku ke or ko takut ddk rumah sorg2.
tp aku xth kenapako kena buat benda yg aku rasa xpatut..
dgn bantuan batu api, penipu n segala jenis manusia jahanam kat situ.
sampai sekrg kau xckp sorry dgn aku...
xpe.. aku sabar...

masa sem 2, ko ok SIKIT dgn aku..
masa tu, ko dgn ilya pn dh hancor..
mmg mcm tu ke wong?
aku dh ok dgn sume org..
lepas tu, dh nampak perangai satu2 dr kau..
aku xkisah..
xpe.. aku sabr..

sem 3 sem 4..
cume aku perasan kau amatliat nk buat kerja.
kerja rumah mcm menyapu, mop jgn harap r kau nk buat..
presentation? haram..
nak cakp pendiam, yg kau jerit pipi, belon, kucing kat rmh boleh plak??
one question... are you having double personality?
do u scare bein wit ppl?
xpe... aku sbar..

sem 5..
bila aku jadi ketua rmh balek..
kau mula tunjuk pemberontakkan ala komunis..
aku tegur benda salah..
pasal kerusi saiz xl dlm bilik kita yg saiz m..
xpasal2 mengamuk.
kalau xpuas hati, ckp.
jgn buat muka.
hempas pintu..
hempas barang.
ko dah besar r wong..
20 thn..
oleh ada anak dh..
tp perangai mcm bdk2 xde otak..
mcm otak udang pun ada..
lepas tu, xcakap apa..
apa masalaha kau wong..
serius aku xth..
serius aku xfhm..
n serius aku xnak msk cmpur..
xpe.. aku sabar..

bila tiba2, pn fatimah panggil rmh aku jumpa dia..
aku dh agak kenapa...
bila tanya apa masalah masing2, xnak mengaku..
xnak cakap apa yg xpuas hati..
aku pun xnak setel dpn fatimah..
sbb aku tahu..
puan adalah seorang yg xboleh trime pandangan org laen jika dia dh set dlm otak dia..
seorang kaunselor yang bagus xboleh bersikap seperti itu
sekrg kaunselor paling bagus yg ada dkt kolej adalah puan umairah..
dkt dia r aku ceritakan segalanya..
sbb dia pada aku adalah yang terbaek..

balek rmh, otak aku pk..
knp kau xpernh nk ckp dgn bdk2 rmh
yg 7orang lagi benda yg terjadi?
knp kau suka buat msalah?
knp kau suka rasa diri tu terancam dgn benda2 remeh?
knp kau suka bermusuhan dgn org?
knp kau xpernah hormat org laen?
knp kau suka pentibgkan diri snediri/
knp kau suka berada dlm dunia kau sendiri?
aku xrasa family kau ajar mcm tu..
family aku xjar mcm tu..
dunia ni semuanya mengenai semua org..
kehidupan semua org..
bukan kau seorang je.
aku xhalang kau buat benda yg xmenyusahkan aku.
ko nak SOH, buat.,..
bgth aku...
jgn mane blah je..
ko mampus tgh2 jalan, aku xth, aku jg kena..
pasal kerusi dgn meja laptop,
ko cuma ckp pasal rak buku..
bkn pasal laptop.
ada mulut, ckp r wong..
bukak mulut..
jgn simpan dosa dgn mulut kau kalau kau ckp belakang..
aku nk kau tahu, aku xpernh simpan dendam dkt kau..
aku cuma dh xsuka sgt dgn kau n perangai kau.
jgn sekali tanya aku, kenap aku xsuka kau..
kau boleh baca..

bilaorg laen ada jawatan, hormat.
apa yg xsuka, suarakan..
yg kau rasa kau xboleh follow, suarakan.
jgn ckp blkng.
kau pergi dgr ckp si penipu tu, knp wong?
knp kau suke dgr ckp sebelah pihak?
kau dh th dia tu penipu, kau dgr.
ko pun bodoh jg.
xboleh nk pk..

kalau kau baca, pk kan r..
berubah r..
mmg kau ckp kau xkan berubah sbb dgn perangai ni pun kau ada org yg syg kau..
berapa org je wong/?
kau nk hidup lama..
xsemestinya org yg syg kau sekarg, akan hidup selamanya sama dgn hidup kau..
kau akan jumpa n hidup dgn org laen..
berubah r..
pk perasaan org laen..
jgn pk otak sendiri.
mcm aku ckp.
life is a classroom.
we learns new thing each n every day..

pk kan..
aku minta maaf kalau ko terasa hati.
kalau ko nak ckp dkt puan pun benda ni n act as a child, please do so..
kalau ko nakmasuk room 1, go..
be wit ur fren dat u think as ur fren..
be wit someone dat u feel comfortable wit..
aku dh mlas nk gdh tgk muka kau..
hati aku rasa sakit..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kalau dh jodoh..

malunk ckp..
ok2 r.
im ok dy wit haziq..


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bid Farewell.

yesh.. i dun mind. i dun noe why i dun mind.. eventhough i noe am losin someone very special in my life.. i wake up wit a tears. slept wit a tear. sux life.. all because of selfishness of me. n yesh ego. i dunno y i keep hurtin him. well, table turns. now its my turn to be hurted. dear heart, be like dat for a moment. keep it ur way for a while.. love... love.. love.. assignment.. work. responsibility. yesh. i noe i already been informed. but my heart cant. accept it. its hurtin me deep inside.. all his act makin me feel abandon. slowly by time, im depress by it. oh dear.. y does i keep da feelin soOO long. i do love him. n i do lovin him. but yet, let him fly.. let him find his next flower to be care of.. im not angry. im not mad. im willin.. both of us have changed.. im becomin more egoistic.. n he becomin .. let he speaks it. we cant get through this as i back off. as i keep tellin my heart, this will happen again.. break his promises.. break his words. no more he who i used to noe.. n no more she who he used to noe. sorry. i hope this explain everythg.. my self is so not ok. kl my town, i will go this weekend. for me, to find my peace. for me, to find myself. n for me to find my soul. walk away from a tremendous relationshop isnt easy as it may seems. y i did it? cause i feel muself bein abandone. n he never wun to change a bit of it. sem5 killin us. it kills our relationship. sacrifices r not needed. bein wit self will conquer da sadness n agony. how bout da love? ignore it. kill it. varnish it. eventough it will kill me. yes.. indeed. sounds like a depress gurl isnt it? i am... so? wish me luck. as a journey of my life continue.. without a guy name haziq.

SIngle Ladies..

No matter where you look, from movies to magazine ads, men are always being told that they need a woman to be happy. And while the company of a lady does have its boons, there are benefits to flying solo as well.

The single life is replete with liberties that you could not imagine. Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider taking a hiatus from the relationship arena and remain single

10) You don't have to tolerate moodiness & nagging
Fellas, how many times have you been in the doghouse because your woman was livid for reasons you still don't understand? Relish not being the target of her inexplicable mood swings, and the calm that comes when there's no nagging. When you wake up on the couch, you'll know it's because you chose to pass out there.

9) You can gain weight without worrying
Just as you can spend more time buffing up at the gym, you can also just chill and let yourself go for a little while. When you're not on the market, you don't have to worry about looking like an Adonis every day. Go ahead and wear that threadbare Metallica T-shirt and those holey boxers. Enjoy the pleasure of occasionally being a slob. Just don't go so far that you can't trim down in time for when you decide to start hunting.

8) You can appreciate your independence
You can use your newfound free time for solitary fun, as well as self-improvement. Being single forces you to do things for yourself, like cook, do laundry and tidy up your pad. Being skilled at many things makes you a more complete, well-rounded person -- a great card to hold when you decide to reenter the dating market.

Furthermore, independence is a great trait, and women will likely notice that you're not the needy, clingy type.

7) You can control your finances
If you've ever been in a serious relationship, you know that, sooner or later, a good chunk of your budget goes into steady lady-maintenance costs. Bachelorhood gives you full financial freedom, and you never have to worry about paying for dinner or buying presents.

However, understand that this does not mean that you will save money -- on the contrary; you might be spending more on partying, buying drinks, dressing well, and so on. But at least you are the master of every single dollar you spend.

6) You have more time for activities
When you're single, you have no reason to sit around doing nothing. Want to harden your body at the gym? Play a new instrument? How about watch the Die Hard trilogy for the 11th time? Who's stopping you?

You can even use the time that you'd spend pleasing a demanding girlfriend to hang with the boys. After all, isn't neglecting your friends one of the biggest sacrifices of couplehood?

Look forward to being spontaneous, not having to answer to anyone and flirting like crazy...

5) You don't have to deal with another's personal habits

You used to cringe when she used your razor to shave her legs, and the scented candles she burned in every room made you sick. Now there's no irritating habits to tolerate. You can sleep peacefully without her snoring and hog all the blankets without a care in the world. You have no one to pick up after but yourself. Give your patience a well-deserved break and live in unflustered.

4) You can be spontaneous

Being single lets your break out of the numbing cycle of routine. Be daring while you can. Go on a fishing trip with your crew at the drop of a hat. Push it further and head out on a wild Spring Break surrounded by gorgeous college women. Not only will you be doing something out of the ordinary, you can do it without double-checking with someone else first. This is the height of freedom.

3) You can focus on your career

Life is a juggling act in which you have to keep the many elements aloft, paying equal attention to each one. But if you let one drop, you can channel your forces to the remaining parts. In the absence of a relationship, you'll have much more time to devote to your work. You can put in those extra hours on a project to impress your boss, and even take on something else. And you don't have to worry about sacrificing your love life, as you'll be single and vigorous.

2) You can be your own boss

Relationships are synonymous with compromise. You eventually have to sacrifice something you really like -- a football game or extra cheese on your pizza -- for the good of the pair. Use your single time to treat yourself a little more. In small doses, selfishness is good for the soul.

Being your own boss also means answering to no one. You went to a strip club? You got the scent of some woman's perfume all over your clothes? Enjoy not having to explain your actions.

1) You can flirt as you please

Nothing is worse than that nagging voice in your head telling you that you shouldn't be talking to this killer brunette in front of you. Being single gives you the complete freedom to flirt with whomever you want, whenever you want.

It also gives you the chance to sharpen your mojo so that, before you know it, you'll be the master player on your block. Since you're unattached, take this opportunity to master the art of seduction, and who knows what rewards you'll reap.
the bright side of solitude

Everything has a good side; you just have to learn how to spot it. Society places too much importance on finding a mate, something your hormones are quick to enforce. The next time you get that pesky feeling that you have to be with someone, remember these 10 points, and you'll savor the joys of being a free man.

Annoyin wit him

mood for today : annoying
ppl i call today : ibu
ppl i msg today : ibu, manju, kak salinah, ieyra, diana, n dia
received call : ibu, kak salinah

bodoh punya ms ee..
dia ingat aku ngan kwn2 aku apa...
objek utk dia buat untung?
wei, dulu ko xajar aku h1n1..
skr ni ada..
mmg r ko suruh aku blaja..
hbs tu asl ko xbg kitaorg dtg skill lab.
leh jg aku batuk dpn ko..
guna otak r ms ee
aku th ko tua.
ko nyanyuk.
tp jangan r tnjk sgt.

feelin dirty today..
xth nk wat pe..
tp rasa nk buat benda2 yg xboleh.
seperti mkn guna tgn kiri..
rosakan brg org..
ladies nite!

dun wun to hear bout haziq.
dun wun to see haziq..
i dun wun to have any connection wit haziq.
my heart so pain dy.
my heart so crushed dy.
n i hate him,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better like this..

mood for today : sleepy
ppl i msg today: ibu, chenta, niza.
ppl i call today: none
received call : kak sally, manju, chenta

posting time..
dh kena gi posting
naseb baek ya amat..
5weeks at surgical ward 2,
quite ok n challenging..
somthing dat im kewl wit.
rather than at medical ward.
positif kes of h1n1 in hosp : 3
children, young guy and a guy..
quite scary..
really2 scary..

gi skill lab.
but tido..
amat xthn..
idur atas kardiak table.
amat besh
dgn yana ginger, yaya and nad..
old times hit back.

supposely gi buat facial..
tp xjadi.
sbb lmbt sgt
so take da opportunity to sleep..
n have some ime wit online users...
byk jg aku dh ketinggalan..
gmbr baru kwn2..

ok je ngan haziq.
tu je r..