Thursday, May 28, 2009

penipu.. pembuat cerita.. pencuri..

all those gelaran for esther!!!
u might think i hate her so much..
but u r wrong..
i just hate her TOOOOOO much..
i cant even look at her face..
manipulated da story..
today u kena from me..
n dats not all.
some n good more to come..
i dun care whether u got ur mama sumi or not..
bein strong after ur bronchitis mama takin care..
u just not more n less rather than a shit n a bloody blood from a bitch's period!!
esther, if u r readin it, back off urself from me..
i wont ever be ur fren..
n wun to be ur fren..
i will forever be ur foe.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


today, practical went very well.
managed to finish alot of procedure..
n get 3crosses successfully..
thanks to adorable miss molly n significant beauty, miss vijaya..

early in da mornin,
da 07 unity starts to rumble mumble..
by si esther fucked up da great.
if i have a chance to kick one gurl,
i will kick her out from my group.
she is completely a package of a biatch..
backstabber, liar, thief, n everythg u cud think of..
n a besh she can do, is buat BODO..
dh r mmg bodo..
tah apa tah she think inside her bloody hell mind..
i imagin her parents smile at home thinkin bout her studyin very well her,,
but they didnt noe that she is completely asshole here..
my god..
please r change..
this week, eveyrthg must be in da correct path..
(in this pict, besides me is esther...EDG.. esher da great!!)

after dat,
before balek
maen kejar2 dlm wad..
wit azeela..
dgn pre-klenz spray.
pastu maen simbah2 air..
very childish one..
but im happy..

dlm bus lagi r..
breast-cuddlin game..
i buat manju..
manju n jac buat i..
its not fair tau..
then, when i try to cuddle manju's one..
my hp kena bibir jac.
n piap!!!
not too much r..
a bit only..

FyQa = welcome fyqa in blogging.....

nothg sgt kot nk ckp..
sbb ye r..
br first day in blogging..
sbb slalunye menumpang kat blog myspace..
pedulik apa aku..
janji ada tempat nk sumpah maki hamun, promote diri, populrkan diri n menjaja kehidupan diri.
apapun, duna ct care whetther ppl gonna to read or not.
cause it just for me..