Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bid Farewell.

yesh.. i dun mind. i dun noe why i dun mind.. eventhough i noe am losin someone very special in my life.. i wake up wit a tears. slept wit a tear. sux life.. all because of selfishness of me. n yesh ego. i dunno y i keep hurtin him. well, table turns. now its my turn to be hurted. dear heart, be like dat for a moment. keep it ur way for a while.. love... love.. love.. assignment.. work. responsibility. yesh. i noe i already been informed. but my heart cant. accept it. its hurtin me deep inside.. all his act makin me feel abandon. slowly by time, im depress by it. oh dear.. y does i keep da feelin soOO long. i do love him. n i do lovin him. but yet, let him fly.. let him find his next flower to be care of.. im not angry. im not mad. im willin.. both of us have changed.. im becomin more egoistic.. n he becomin .. let he speaks it. we cant get through this as i back off. as i keep tellin my heart, this will happen again.. break his promises.. break his words. no more he who i used to noe.. n no more she who he used to noe. sorry. i hope this explain everythg.. my self is so not ok. kl my town, i will go this weekend. for me, to find my peace. for me, to find myself. n for me to find my soul. walk away from a tremendous relationshop isnt easy as it may seems. y i did it? cause i feel muself bein abandone. n he never wun to change a bit of it. sem5 killin us. it kills our relationship. sacrifices r not needed. bein wit self will conquer da sadness n agony. how bout da love? ignore it. kill it. varnish it. eventough it will kill me. yes.. indeed. sounds like a depress gurl isnt it? i am... so? wish me luck. as a journey of my life continue.. without a guy name haziq.

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